If it's time for you to create your end of year presentation to communicate your results, it's a great time to rethink how you can make your presentation connect with people. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Think of your audience

When you are designing your presentation, be sure to consider who will be viewing the presentation and what information they will want included. While it can seem easiest to create a "one size fits all" presentation, it might make more sense to make several edits of the presentation to target audiences with different needs, such as investors and employees. 

Tell a story

Humans are natural storytellers and relate well to narratives. Rather than a dry presentation about financial results, instead create a story about where your company has come from (at the end of the previous year), and where you have gone as a company over that time. It can help your employees and investors to feel more connected to your company. If you do not have natural communicators in your executive team it can be worth getting professional help from a marketing firm to make sure your end of year results presentation fits into a broader message about how your company is doing.

Make sure your presentation looks great on all devices

End of year results include financial graphs and tables showing year on year results. These can often be hard to read in all formats, as corporate presentations can be viewed on a range of formats from smart phones to large corporate theatre screens. Professional corporate video production companies like Edit 1 Video Productions Pty Ltd can help you to test your presentation on a number of devices and styles to make sure it looks great no matter which devices people are using.

Practise and practise some more!

If you want your corporate presentation to look sensational, make sure that everyone involved has enough time to prepare for the recording and is aware of what they need to do. It can sometimes be helpful for new executives who are not confident speakers to get some media training to learn how to speak clearly and appear confident on camera. Most media firms can organise a session for your staff to help them feel confident in their presentation.

Finding a great corporate video production company to help you plan and create your corporate video can help ensure your video reaches and communicates with your audience in a language they understand.